How to choose clothes that flatter your figure

Today, we delve into the world of fashion with one primary objective: to help you master the art of choosing clothes that flatter your unique body shape. Every individual is different, and our bodies come in all shapes and sizes. It’s vital to understand what works for you and your figure, as clothes are not just fabric we wear; they reflect our personality and style. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of finding the perfect items to highlight your best features. By understanding the principles of balance, proportion, and fit, you’ll be on your way to creating a wardrobe that perfectly complements your body.

Understand Your Body Shape

Before you start shopping or sorting through your current wardrobe, it’s crucial to understand your body shape. Women generally fall into five primary categories: pear, apple, hourglass, rectangle, and inverted triangle. Men, on the other hand, typically fall into three categories: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. Each body shape has its distinctive features and requires specific strategies to enhance or balance these features.

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The pear shape, for instance, is characterized by wider hips than shoulders. The idea is to create an illusion of a balanced figure by focusing on clothes that add volume to your upper body and emphasize your waist.

Apple shape individuals have broader shoulders and a heavier midsection. They should focus on wearing clothes that draw attention away from the waist.

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The hourglass shape is considered the most balanced, with equal bust and hip measurements and a well-defined waist. This body type looks good in almost any outfit; the key is to emphasize the waist and maintain the balance.

The rectangle shape is characterized by similar measurements for the bust, waist, and hips. The goal for this body shape is to create an illusion of a defined waist and curves.

The inverted triangle shape has a wider upper body and narrow hips. The strategy here is to balance the silhouette by adding volume to the hips and lower body while de-emphasizing the upper body.

Choose the Right Clothes for Your Body Shape

After understanding your body shape, the next step is choosing clothes that flatter and balance your figure. Here, we’ll consider the types of clothes that work best for different body shapes.

If you’re a pear-shaped individual, opt for tops that have ruffles, puffy sleeves, or elaborate necklines as they add volume to your upper body. However, opt for a-line skirts or boot-cut jeans that skim over your hips without adding extra bulk.

For the apple-shaped individuals, flowing tops and tunics that skim over your midsection are your best friends. Pair these with straight leg jeans or trousers that create a balanced silhouette.

Hourglass-shaped individuals are lucky as they can wear almost anything. The goal here is to maintain your natural balance, so fitted clothes that show off your waist are the best.

Rectangle-shaped individuals should go for clothes that create an illusion of a defined waist and curves. Asymmetrical tops, high-waisted styles, and wrap dresses are great choices.

For the inverted triangle shape, balance is key. You should opt for clothes that add volume to your lower body, such as flared pants, wide leg trousers, or full skirts.

Understand the Importance of Fit

Fit is crucial when choosing clothes that flatter your figure. It doesn’t matter how expensive or trendy an outfit is; if it doesn’t fit you correctly, it will not do you any justice. Fit is about how the garment flows on your body, not the size on the label.

Clothes that fit well should not be too tight or too loose. They should be comfortable, allowing you to move freely, and they should complement your body shape without adding extra bulk or squeezing your body.

Use Colors and Prints Strategically

Colors and prints can also play a significant role in enhancing your figure. Light colors tend to draw attention and can make areas look larger, while dark colors are slimming and can make areas look smaller.

The strategic use of colors and prints can significantly impact how your figure looks. For instance, wearing a light-colored top and dark-colored bottom can help balance a pear-shaped figure.

Similarly, prints can draw attention or distract from certain areas. Larger prints can make an area look larger, while smaller prints can make an area look smaller. So, consider the size and placement of prints when choosing your clothes.

Accessorize Wisely

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of accessories. Shoes, bags, belts, and jewelry can all help to balance your figure and highlight your best features.

A wide belt, for instance, can help define your waist if you have a rectangle or apple shape. Similarly, a statement necklace can draw attention to your upper body if you have a pear shape.

Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourselves. So, while these guidelines can help you choose clothes that flatter your figure, the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. After all, confidence is the best outfit you can wear.

Remember, these strategies are not set in stone. They are guidelines meant to help you understand how to choose clothes that flatter your figure, but you should always wear what makes you feel good and expresses your unique style.

Master the Art of Layering

One aspect of dressing that is often overlooked when trying to flatter your body shape is the art of layering. Layering can be a game changer, especially for those with a rectangle or apple body shape, as it can add dimension and create an illusion of a more defined waist.

For rectangle-shaped individuals, layering can be a useful tool to create curves. You can wear a fitted top under a loose, open cardigan or blazer. Adding a belt at your natural waistline on top of these layers can create an illusion of a smaller waist.

Apple-shaped individuals can use layering to draw attention away from the midsection. Try wearing a loose top under a structured blazer or jacket. The structure of the outer layer can create a more balanced silhouette and help to conceal a heavier midsection.

Layering can also be beneficial for pear-shaped and inverted triangle-shaped individuals. For pear shapes, wearing a darker layer over a lighter top can help to balance out wider hips. For inverted triangles, adding a bright, attention-grabbing layer on the bottom can help to balance a broader upper body.

Though layering can be a bit tricky, with practice, you can master this technique and create outfits that flatter your body shape while also keeping you warm and stylish.

Tailor Your Clothes for a Perfect Fit

Another essential aspect of choosing clothes that flatter your figure is ensuring they fit you properly. Regardless of your body shape, well-fitted clothes will always make you look more put-together and polished.

While off-the-rack clothes can often provide a good fit, don’t be afraid to invest in tailoring services. Even simple alterations like hemming a pair of jeans or taking in a waistband can make a significant difference in how your clothes fit and flatter your figure.

For example, if you’re an apple-shaped individual, tailoring can be useful to adjust pant waists that may fit at the hip but are too loose at the waist. Similarly, for pear-shaped individuals, tailoring can fix dresses or coats that fit at the hips but are too loose in the bust area.

Remember, the goal is to have clothes that fit your body comfortably and enhances your best features. So, don’t shy away from getting your clothes tailored for that perfect fit.


Understanding your body shape and how to dress it can greatly enhance your style and confidence. Remember, the key to choosing clothes that flatter your figure lies in understanding the principles of balance, proportion, and fit.

Using colors, prints, and accessories strategically can also play a significant role in creating a look that flatters your figure. Don’t forget the power of layering and the magic of tailoring, which can transform an ordinary outfit into one that complements your body shape beautifully.

Lastly, remember that these are just guidelines, and the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. After all, fashion is all about expressing your personal style, and you should always feel good in what you wear. Confidence is the best outfit you can wear and the most beautiful thing you can possess. Make your style choices based on what makes you feel the best version of yourself. Your wardrobe should be a reflection of you, unique and beautiful in your own way.